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Streetart - The Ephemeral Rebellion 17,99 EUR
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Streetart - The Ephemeral Rebellion

"Reclaim the Streets!“ is one of the strongest motives of Street Art: the regaining of the streets to mix up its uniformed ordered face. Evolving on the streets of metropolis these works are mostly illegally being attached to “city furniture” and the artists´ motivation to change and reclaim public urban space coins urban landscapes of today more than ever before. The filmmakers visit cities around the world such as Berlin, New York, Paris and Moscow to emphasize the global impact of this truly political art form. They meet and film with the artists Blek Le Rat, Brad Downey, Swoon, ZASD, Nomad, Rafael Suriani, Igor P., Misha Most, David Ter Oganyan and Princess Hijab who all have been innovative, inspiring and outstanding ambassadors for different styles of Street Art.
The film's aim is to compose an eclectic image of the phenomenon of contemporary Street Art through the eyes of its creators and those who discover, collect and love it. Inevitably
, the former rebels of the scene such as Banksy transform into artists for whose works the still overheated art market is willing to pay high prices.